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“A lighthouse doesn’t save the ships; it doesn’t go out and rescue them, it’s just this pillar that helps to guide people home"

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"... One of the hardest things is the feeling that you're gonna forget everything" - Lea Michele


"The track is instantly memorable, not surprising considering the number of top hit-makers behind it, including cowriters Sia (Britney Spears, Katy Perry) and Benny Blanco (Perry, Maroon 5). Production comes courtesy of the Norwegian duo Stargate (Rihanna, Beyoncé). Still, it’s Michele’s powerhouse vocals that take center stage on “Cannonball” as she deftly switches between her Broadway-trained belting and Glee-honed pop chops."
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Lea Michele on Seth’s Chatterbox September 2007

She talks about growing up on Broadway, the Tony Awards and turning down Les Mis for Spring Awakening. Performs On My Own live at the end.

AU: Rachel has a thing for Finn, her professor, but he’s dating Emma, who just so happens to be cheating on him.

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"For three seasons, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer were the stars of Glee. They’ve earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, dominated the storylines and delivered some of the most amazing musical performances in Glee’s history. And they have incredibly devoted fans who find new ways to get them or their characters to be trending topics every day on Twitter, whether it’s with “We <3 Finchel” or, my personal favorite because it’s so odd, “#ChrisColferHasaBeautifulSmile.” Seriously, there’s something like that trending every single day on Twitter. I never see “Jarley 4Eva” or “#BlakeJennerHasAmazingHair” trending."
-- The ‘Glee’ Civil War: Why a Show Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand  [x]

AU: Shelby visits Rachel in New York.

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Old Time Rock & Roll / Danger Zone (Glee Cast Version) - Glee Cast / 96,023 plays
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Lea will be on The View 3/6/2013

Lea will be on The View 3/6/2013


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