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[Video -Elvis Duran] Lea Michele took some time out of her crazy schedule to drop by and give us the exclusive radio premiere of her brand new single “Cannonball” She also opened up about her thoughts on Glee and Cory Monteith

Glee’ Star Lea Michele Reveals Her Biggest Fear For 100th Episode

Come 2014, the original cast of “Glee” will all be back together again when the 100th episode airs on Fox. And there’s no one more excited than Lea Michele.

I’m so excited. I can’t wait to [see] everyone at work. I’m so excited to see Amber [Riley]. I’m so excited to Mark [Salling] and Harry [Shum Jr.] and Dianna [Agron] and Heather [Morris]. I think Kristen Chenoweth is coming back,” she told MTV News. “I’m trying so hard to get Jonathan Groff to come back for an episode. It’s gonna be great… I think the 100th episode is going to be very emotional, obviously, surrounded by the family. It’s like we can do anything together.”

In addition to welcoming back familiar faces, the March 18 episode will also include the cast performing updated versions of some of the show’s most memorable covers, as voted on by fans. And, the "Cannonball"singer has one sequence she’s hoping she doesn’t have to recreate come 2014.

"There were some performances that were so difficult and I see it happening. I see myself putting on those goulashes again to do ‘Singing in the Rain,’" she said of the track, which the cast performed in 2010 as a mash-up with Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” “And I’m like ‘Oh my god, please don’t make us do that again!' We were so cold, we were freezing.”

Then again, there’s also one track from the show’s first season that she’s hoping to do over, even if it conjures up some strong emotions.

"If I could do anything again, the thing is that some of them are very emotional but I’m the kind of person I don’t run away from my feelings, I don’t run from things that scare me," she said. “I want to feel all the emotion and so to be surrounded by the cast and sing something like [Queen’s] ‘Somebody to Love.’ As hard as that might be, I think that, it just brings back some of the most amazing memories of someone [Cory Monteith, who died in July] who we loved so much and it’s numbers like that I hope we do.”

While fans will have to wait until March to find out what tracks make the cut, the show will return from hiatus on February 25. Shortly after that, Michele’s debut album, Louder, will hit stores on March 4.


Wait, are you starting a band?

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee


Question: Any scoop on what season 5 of Glee will bring? —Alicia

Ausiello: At least three new female recurring characters, including African-American McKinley newbie Ruby, and twentysomethings Julie and Ryan. Interestingly, actresses auditioning for Ryan must be able to sing and play guitar. Potential portrayers of Julie just need to be cute and quirky.

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Vote e-v-e-r-y d-a-y  for Chris Colfer (Actor Comedy), Glee (Comedy) & Lea Michele (Actress Comedy) at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. [X]

Vote e-v-e-r-y d-a-y  for Chris Colfer (Actor Comedy), Glee (Comedy) & Lea Michele (Actress Comedy) at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. [X]