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lea michele and an unintentional pic of her banging legs.

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Cory did you steal lea’s phone? Lol


Cory did you steal lea’s phone? Lol

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Since many of you are asking for Cory news, I’m going to post the twitter pic of People Magazine taken by @LeaCorygleelove because People is the publication that Cory’s team talked to first. However, as I said before, read and process it. And think critically. The tabloids are there to sell the news. Don’t believe everything that is written.

I am only going to post the People Mag article on my tumblr: 

“Sitting down with the cast and crew for lunch on the set of his FOX series Glee last month, Cory Monteith seemed his usual friendly, outgoing self. “They were all laughing and telling jokes. It looked like he was goofing off with friends,” says an onlooker.

Just three weeks later, even the actor’s close pals were stunned to learn that Monteith, 30, had voluntarily checked himself into rehab for substance addiction.

“He didn’t look like he was under he influence at all; he was very professional,” adds the set source. “He looked like a normal guy at work, doing what he loves.”

Tragically, addiction is nothing new to the actor, who has admitted that he struggled with alcohol and drug abuse as a teen growing up in Victoria, B.C., went through an intervention and entered rehab at age 19. At his lowest point, he stole money from a family member for drugs. “I was done fighting myself,” he told Parade in 2011. “I finally said, ‘I’m gonna start looking at my life and figure out why I’m doing this.’”

Sources say the actor’s girlfriend of a year (and Glee costar) Lea Michele, 26, had influenced him to stop hanging out with his more hard-partying pals. And with her support, Monteith is once again focused on his sobriety – and future. “Such a beautiful day! truly seeing the forest for the trees. #gratitude,” he tweeted March 28. As he told Parade, “I’m lucky on so many counts. I’m lucky to be alive.””

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